Wilderness survival workshop – kids

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Little coureurs des bois

During this excursion, our little coureurs des bois will go in search of objects related to survival. Along a course that runs alongside a river, they will study the terrain and nature around them. They will learn certain behaviors to adopt in the forest as well as simple survival techniques, such as alerting the emergency services and transmitting their position. In short, a hike rich in emotions and discoveries!

Duration: 9 am to noon; 1 pm to 4 pm
Cost: $25 per child/$50 per adult
Number of participants and age: 12 participants/6-11 years old
Distance to be covered: about 2.5 km
Elevation: about 100 m
What to bring: Long clothes; hat, cap or scarf; gloves; water; food; notebook and pencil for taking notes; first aid kit; backpack; sunglasses or safety glasses; Solar cream; cell phone or camera (optional); survival knife / folding saw / machete (optional)

Dates in 2021:

July 3, 4 and 17
August 28 and 29
September 4 and 5


In order to ensure the safety of all participants and to make sure that everyone has a fully satisfactory experience, dogs are not allowed during this activity. We thank you for your cooperation.

Workshops to come

There are no upcoming events.
Passionate about nature since my childhood, I spent most of my time in the forest. I grew up in northern Quebec, in Chibougamau, where my passion for the forest developed. As an adult, I served in the commandos. I was in the field day and night, no matter the conditions and the circumstances. I then studied protection and exploitation of wildlife areas, at the Forestry School of Duchesnay. Since then, I have been working for the Massif du Sud regional park. Today, I want to share my passion for nature as well as my knowledge accumulated over time. So I became a guide and started my own survival school. – Jonathan Ménard