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Numéro d’enregistrement établissement d’hébergement touristique : 221593

Parc du Massif du Sud offers 66 campsites located in forested areas, many of them accessible with vehicles. The beauty of the landscape, the tranquility of the surroundings and the almost non-existent biting insects all make these campsites a peaceful environment.

Located in the heart of the park and its vast network of hiking and biking trails, each campsite is surrounded by trees creating intimacy from its neighbouring sites and counts with the proximity of water (stream, river or pools).

For a small recreational vehicle (30 feet or less, including towing vehicle), a tent with vehicle access or a more rustic option within walking distance of the visitor center, you are sure to find something for your needs in our camping areas!

Each campsite is equipped with :

  • Groomed site to set up the tent;
  • Picnic table;
  • Fire pit with a cooking grill (except for the Versant area).

A dry toilet is located nearby each site. Regular toilets and showers are located in the visitor center and Dejardins pavilion.
Firewood is available for sale at the visitor center.

Late arrivals:

If you arrive after hours, use the door at the back of the information center. In the grey box on your right as you enter, you will be able to retrieve the envelope with your name on it containing all the information and elements necessary for your stay.

If the index is yellow (high), orange (very high) and red (extreme), it is prohibited to light a fire.
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Choose your area

This area offers very natural sites while being close to the visitor center (400 to 700 meters). The campsites located in the Trois-Fourches Est area (sites 7 to 14) are accessible with vehicles. For the sites in the Trois-Fourches Ouest area (sites 1 to 6), a parking lot is available near the area and the campsites can be accessed on foot, within an average of 50 meters from the parking lot.

Camping with a small RV or a trailer tent is not allowed in the Trois-Fourches areas.

A tranquility haven in the midst of the forest, the Bassin area is located near the Beaudoin river and its refreshing pools of crystalline water, perfect for a dip on summer hot days. The Bassin area offers 5 simple sites (61-65) and 1 double site (66), shaded and spaced. It is located 1 km away from the visitor center and a small parking lot, for campers only, is located nearby.

Campsite #66 is a double site located near the Beaudoin stream, where the prospector tent was located before.

*Sites 61-65: Not accessible to people with physical limitations, as there is a staircase (20 steps and +) to get to the camping area. 

Camping with a small RV or a trailer tent is not allowed in the Bassin area.

Located 1,7 km away from the visitor center, the Beaudoin area offers 6 campsites bordering the river. Three of these (sites 81, 82 and 83) are located right next to the parking area (10 m), while the others (sites 84, 85 and 86) can be accessed on foot from a parking lot nearby (100-150 meters). Sites 84, 85 and 86 are on wooden platforms. Please note that sites 85 and 86 are contiguous, and do not offer the same privacy as sites 81, 82, 83 and 84.

Camping with a small RV or a trailer tent is not allowed in the Beaudoin area.

The Erables area has cleared campsites designed for small RVs (30 feet or less, including towing vehicle) but can also accommodate campers wishing to set up their tents close to their vehicles. Although the campsites are spacious, they still offer a good deal of intimacy from the neighbouring sites. Visit the RV page for more details on these campsites.

The Versant camping area is for the more adventurous outdoor lovers in need of a halt on a multiday hike or for those wishing to spend a night in the heart of the forest, far from civilization. The two wooden platforms can accommodate one tent each and are located by the Milieu river, 5 kilometers from the visitor center.

Camping with a small RV or a trailer tent is not allowed in the Beaudoin area.

Note: Fires are not allowed in the Versant camping area.

Massif du Sud regional park is now part of the Bienvenue cyclistes network created by Vélo Québec. The park guarantees a campsite to people travelling by bicycle, without any reservation necessary. The site is located by the Milieu river and can accommodate two tents.

From Lévis, you can reach Massif du Sud regional park by following the Harlaka route and then the Cycloroute de Bellechasse until it ends, at Armagh’s waterfalls. You then have to follow the road 281 for about fifteen kilometers. (see map) A great way to discover the rural trait of the region and get unique points of view on the Massif du Sud.

The Massif du Sud regional park offers two other camping options*: the Portes-de-Enfer** campsite and the Medieval Village group campsite. For information or reservations, please contact us at 418-469-2228, ext. 101, or at

*Please note that these are group campsites, which means that several groups or families can be there at the same time. However, locations are clearly marked.

  • Portes-de-l’Enfer: Approximate location (Google Maps)
    • The Portes-de -Enfer campsite is located in Rang Saint-Ignace, on route 216, between Saint-Philémon and Saint-Magloire.
  • Medieval group campsite: Four parking spaces are reserved in the Beaudoin sector for the Medieval Village campground (only one vehicle per group). You will then have to walk about 600 meters to get to the Medieval Village site.
Trois-Fourches EstTrois-Fourches OuestBassinBeaudoinÉrablesVersantOther
Sites available866662Vary
Suitable forTentsTentsTentsTentsSmall RVs (30 feet or less, including towing vehicle), trailer tents or tentsTentsTents
Campsite surfaceGgraveledGraveledGraveledGraveled and wooden platformsGraveledWooden platformsGround or wooden platforms
Distance from a parking lotOnsite parking50 m10 to 200 m10 to 100 mOnsite parking5 kmVary
Fire allowed*YesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Kitchen shelterYesYesYesYesNoNoNo
Available for winter campingNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Regular price$25$22$22/$56$22$28$18$8
Reduced price$21$18$18/$44$18$24$18$8

* Fires are allowed only in the metal fire pit located on each campsite.